Monday, 17 December 2012

Nary Singh Great Crossdresser Indian Dancer


  1. ure simple beautiful nary singh and so gorgeous

  2. Singly Crossdressing
    Hi I am Janat. I was all one for one day and night, parents had gone to attend party of marriage. Maid was also not at home, she had gone to attend her home. Suddenly I got attracted towards maids and mothers clothes. I closed all the doors of house from inside and locked the gate as if no one was in house. I removed all my clothes and got naked. then I took the bundle of maid's clothes and mothers clothes. I found bras and panties in it and salwar kamijs. I could not stop myself and wore the attractive ones. First I wore bra, it was so girly feeling. I got internal satisfaction by doing so. Something as I did not do for very long time. Then I took pantie in finger and thumbs and slowly slide it over my legs. I was so feeling good you can't imagine. Then I took matching chunni. This is how I became Jinat. I went to the internet and had numbers of many indian crossdressers in it. I sexually talked to many of them. Then I gained confidence and took numbers of many males in comments and talked to them as Jinat. Many of them masturbated talking to me. Then I took bangles and wore. Everything was as fitting as my mother and maid had same sizes. The sound of bangles made me so excited I could not stop wearing salwar and kamij. That day and night I had sex chat and talking with so many that I relieved my self of my inner secret desire. I want to always do it when I am single at home.